A Closer look at "7 Days To A Great Audition!"

By Nancy Lee Wolfe


"7 Days To A Great Audition!" e-book and the mp3, "Mastering The Audition, LIVE!" By John Marshall Jones

John Marshall Jones, is on a mission. He is determined to help you discover yourself, the working actor. That is what you want, right? And you want it now, right? John Marshall Jones shows you how to get IT and - hold on - how to be IT.

John Marshall Jones' techniques and strategies will serve you well. For more than 20 years, John Marshall Jones has been a working actor. Go to for a list of his credits. You will agree, John Marshall Jones can teach you some valuable lessons.

"7 Days To A Great Audition!" is both fundamental and profound. Who among us suspects we have the power to control a setting we have always feared? As precisely presented in both the book and the mp3, you have the power to take control of that setting, the audition.

As you contemplate John Marshall Jones' concept, you will discover an encapsulated code of conquest. He opens the mind to a new acting venue - a venue where your success is independent of all others, all obstacles and all forces which work against you. This venue is directly dominated by your determination and commitment to become IT.

John Marshall Jones gets to the heart of the matter. Over the course of a day, he says, the average American will use only 50 words. Writers may find it difficult to digest his contention that "communication is not about the words." Still, writers appreciate that words are dead until brought to life by the committed working actor -- the one who, within the restrictions of a five-minute audition, becomes IT.

"7 Days To A Great Audition!" is clear. With only 50 words a day, lives are filled with drama. According to John Marshall Jones, the working actor absorbs and captures that drama within. How is this possible? Because, Jones maintains, a working actor is always working, always observing as well as always interpreting.

The working actor understands that communication is about more than words. Communication, says Jones, is about knowing what your character needs and how to go about getting what your character needs - now.

From a practical standpoint, John Marshall Jones does not speak simply in the abstract. "7 Days To A Great Audition!" is a step-by-step guide which will teach the actor to "understand what a character is feeling." John Marshall Jones' technique intends to "train the actor to feel rather than present a character." Once mastered, this technique will empower you to master the audition.

"7 Days To A Great Audition!" is a tool. If used, new actors will secure solid footing and begin taking strong strides toward the spotlight. Veteran actors, who may have lost their first love of their craft, will be revived and will resolve to persist on their path as performers.

John Marshall Jones, teaches with authority. Read "7 Days To A Great Audition!" Listen to the mp3, "Mastering The Audition, LIVE!" As repetition is the key to learning, follow his advice and repeat for 7 days. You will "fall in love with the process." Once in love with the process, set-backs become motivation. You will be free to be IT. Break a leg.

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