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It never fails.
You’ve prepared the scene for your acting audition. You’ve taken acting classes and you have your character down. Yet as soon as you step into the casting call, you get stage fright, you forget a name, you flub a line. Upon leaving, you see another actor who knows how to audition, sitting confidently, and you just know he’s going to book the job.

What’s his secret to avoiding bad auditions?

He’s studied Mastering the Audition, the dynamic online acting lessons filled with audition tips that equip you with the skills you need to do good auditions each and every time.

Imagine how much more successful you’d be if you had a personal audition coach helping you to focus and prepare for every audition — proven professional instruction on your schedule…anytime, anywhere! That’s exactly what the Mastering the Audition professional instruction series offers. John Marshall Jones guides you through his personal ritual of preparation, developed over thousands of auditions resulting in hundreds of T.V. and film appearances…and it can do the same for you.

Mastering The Audition will help you:

  • Overcome audition anxiety — Learn how to hold your focus on your performance, not the outcome.
  • Make instant, riveting adjustments to direction – Translate general direction into specific, motivated action.
  • Get professional instruction on your schedule — Don’t have time for classes? Mastering The Audition is ready whenever you are.
  • Take your audition coach with you — Whether at home or on the go, Mastering The Audition fits into your lifestyle …anytime, anywhere!

As you integrate the Mastering The Audition ritual into your daily routine, you’ll be better prepared, more effective, focused and confident during every audition, which means more call backs — and more work.

Ace your next audition by mastering John Marshall Jones’s four essential tools for success:

  • Preparation – learn to dissect each scene like a professional actor by finding hidden information buried within the text.
  • Protocol – learn interpersonal communication techniques that help you make the best impression at every acting audition.
  • Performance – learn to control the room with a riveting, memorable performance that insures you’ll stand out from the crowd.
  • Power – Develop the inner confidence to believe that you are the missing piece to the puzzle.

Whether you’re a student or seasoned pro, Mastering the Audition will sharpen your auditioning skills and improve your performance. So, don’t fail to act — download or order your copy of Mastering the Audition now! Available in 3 convenient formats DVD, ebook and mp3/CD.

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What are people saying?

I'm working on a film called "Henry" by Alessandro Piva. Moreover, I want to thank you for "Mastering the Audition" and how your advice and lessons have been tremendously helpful; It made me much more confident and free to create a character. Thanks. -Eric Ebouney, Paris, France

I was feeling alot of anxiety about an audition I had to prepare for. I decided to contact John Marshall Jones to help me. That evening, I was up half the night going over the sides with the advice he had given me in mind. Well, I got the callback -M. Drue Williams, NYC

You demystified a very confusing process and you have done so with a sense of humor. The farther into the book I got the more it made sense....and the more the potential to laugh seemed a very solid premise. You have a way of looking at auditioning -Bud Beyer

7 Tips On How To Master The Audition

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