Mastering the Audition© DVD Only $74.90 Mastering the Audition will help you to overcome “audition anxiety”, develop more confidence, perform better, and get more callbacks. You’ve got the talent, now get the part! You get all this advanced training without the advanced price. And to top it off, it’s easy to use. Available in 3 convenient formats: DVD, e-Book and Audio Lecture (CD or MP3)

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I'm working on a film called "Henry" by Alessandro Piva. Moreover, I want to thank you for "Mastering the Audition" and how your advice and lessons have been tremendously helpful; It made me much more confident and free to create a character. Thanks. -Eric Ebouney, Paris, France

I was feeling alot of anxiety about an audition I had to prepare for. I decided to contact John Marshall Jones to help me. That evening, I was up half the night going over the sides with the advice he had given me in mind. Well, I got the callback -M. Drue Williams, NYC

You demystified a very confusing process and you have done so with a sense of humor. The farther into the book I got the more it made sense....and the more the potential to laugh seemed a very solid premise. You have a way of looking at auditioning -Bud Beyer

7 Tips On How To Master The Audition

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